Socrate believes that the only efficient approach for the client, whether they are an end user or an EPC, is to acquire high quality products and systems that maintained properly by competent persons will be the best way to allow the customer to obtain the expected result from the investment: this is what the company has always offered with success and satisfaction on the market.

In our experience, only a high quality instrument or system provides the customer with an adequate return on investment and, in fact, although sometimes it may seem economically more challenging, shows in time to be the bearer of unquestionable added value. Similarly, whatever is being installed on a system requires a proper start-up and proper maintenance over time. This is why our service staff engineers are constantly undergoing refresher courses on products and our solutions.

This is the driving force of our business: our staff work very hard to select the best products, configure them to the needs of the client and, if required, take care of the start-up and corrective or scheduled maintenance. Our warehouse contains an adequate stock of spare parts to provide our customers with what they need to keep the analysers supplied by us operative.

Our experience is oriented towards a broad spectrum of systems with several features. Being present on the market for many years has enabled us to understand that providing the best technical solution is just one element of our work. For this reason, we decided to focus our attention and our objectives toward a new goal: to work closely with our clients and assist them throughout all phases of the product’s life cycle. The way in which we work is intended to ensure the successful completion of our client’s desiderata, exceeding their expectations, even implicit ones.

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