In recent years, Socrate has decided to develop their Technical Assistance capacities, which it considers an added value to complete the technical package provided to its customers. This translates into a remote or on-site support service that does not end with the commissioning of analytical systems or emergency calls but allowed Socrate to begin to follow the facilities installed at their customers by offering maintenance contracts.

These maintenance contracts cover the various needs of our customers: ranging from the three/ four/six monthly visits for scheduled maintenance to the management of Global Service Contracts where the responsibility of Socrate also includes the availability and validity of the measurement.

Socrate focus their maintenance contract activities in the process analysis sector, in particular natural gas to measure the calorific value, the quality of the gas and the flow rate calculation. Again, the flow measurements concern the maintenance contracts on pipelines to measure the flow rate, density and related calculation systems (flow computer).

The service contracts, simple (maintenance activities targeted solely at the analyser to ensure reliability and analytical performances) or Global Service type (activities that include daily/weekly controls on the analysers, the measurement of the process, the performance of analysers and the availability of the measurement, the management of the sample to be analysed and the management of utilities), include:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits with a frequency agreed upon with the customer or determined by the specific needs of the instrument or application.
  • Visits following a call for corrective maintenance, which can also be emergencies with a response time that can be 8 hours.
  • Ameliorative maintenance
  • Performance certification of the analysers according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Supply of spare parts in stock (part list to be agreed)
  • Supply and management of possible cylinders pool
  • Ensuring the availability and validity of the measurements generated by the equipment under contract.
  • Remote control activity via modem
  • Telephone support
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Instrument replacement
  • Extended warranty
  • Availability

Delegating the direct management of the installed equipment to Socrate allows the customer, in addition to having the instrumentation in perfect working order and certified by specialized technicians, to have updates on the availability of spare parts, software versions, improvementsof machines or their components.

The Service structure of Socrate consists of:

  • A Service manager
  • A Global Service contracts manager
  • An internal technical for repairs and telephone support
  • A internal assistant for administrative and documentation purposes
  • 8 external technicians located throughout Italy, regarding analysis and metering

All technicians have been trained through specialized courses carried out at the manufacturers and accompaniment in the field by technicians of the parent companies.

The company currently holds of the following Global Service contracts in the natural gas sector:

  • GREENSTREAM BV fiscal measures and Natural Gas quality maintenance contract
  • ENI spa Div. ENIMED, Ionica gas, Adriatica idrocarburi

The company currently holds of the following On-site Maintenance contracts in the natural gas sector:

  • EDISON spa - Thermoelectric plants - various sites
  • TMPC Tunisian gas pipeline between Mazara del Vallo and Cap Bon (Tunisia)
  • SCOGAT Tunisian gas pipeline at Feriana (Tunisia)
  • GENERAL CONSTRUCTION – various sites
  • COFELY spa – various sites
  • EDIPOWER spa
  • IREN spa
  • Novel spa
  • ENEL spa – various sites
  • A2A spa – various sites
  • E.ON – various sites
  • METANCAR – various sites

The company currently holds contracts with the following in the refineries / petrochemical plants sector:

  • IPLOM refinery at Busalla
  • AGIPENI refinery at Livorno
  • API refinery at Falconara
  • IES SpA refinery at Mantova
  • SARPOM refinery at Trecate
  • SARAS refinery at Sarroch
  • INFINEUM SpA – Vado Ligure
  • Hellenic Petroleum (GR)

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