Socrate believes that the only efficient approach for the client, whether they are an end user or an EPC, is to acquire high quality products and systems that maintained properly by competent persons will be the best way to allow the customer to obtain the expected result from the investment: this is what the company has always offered with success and satisfaction on the market.

In our experience, only a high quality instrument or system provides the customer with an adequate return on investment and, in fact, although sometimes it may seem economically more challenging, shows in time to be the bearer of unquestionable added value.

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Company profile

Socrate was founded in 1984 in Milan, Italy, EU

Initially the company dealt with the distribution in Italy of liquid flow meters, flow computers and other components in the metering field.

To this field was added process analysis: in 1989 Socrate becomes the exclusive distributor of AMETEK PI in Italy, a brand of excellence in the industry. These were joined by other high-quality products to complete the range. In fact, today the company offers quality products only selected over time through hundreds of applications, a complete set of solutions that cover analytical process application needs on different types of systems.

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In recent years, Socrate has decided to develop their Technical Assistance capacities, which it considers an added value to complete the technical package provided to its customers. This translates into a remote or on-site support service that does not end with the commissioning of analytical systems or emergency calls but allowed Socrate to begin to follow the facilities installed at their customers by offering maintenance contracts.

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Featured products
GasPT 2 Gas Properties Transmitter
The Gas PT2 system measures physical properties of the natural gas mixture, such as thermal conductivity and speed of sound together with carbon dioxide – from these properties it infers an effective gas mixture comprising fi ve components Methane, Ethane, Propane, Nitrogen and the measured Carbon Dioxide.The system uses the standard ISO6976 to calculate the gas quality characteristics, Calorifi c Value (CV), Relative Density (RD), Wobbe Index (WI) and Compression Factor (Z).
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