Company Profile

Socrate was founded in 1984 in Milan, Italy, EU

Initially the company dealt with the distribution in Italy of liquid flow meters, flow computers and other components in the metering field.

To this field was added process analysis: in 1989 Socrate becomes the exclusive distributor of AMETEK PI in Italy, a brand of excellence in the industry. These were joined by other high-quality products to complete the range. In fact, today the company offers quality products only selected over time through hundreds of applications, a complete set of solutions that cover analytical process application needs on different types of systems such as and not limited to:

  • Natural gas flow and quality metering stations
  • Sulphur recovery systems
  • Desulphurization systems
  • Petrol and diesel blending
  • Oven combustion Control
  • Refining plants in general (ASTM measurements)

The experiences matured allow the company to provide customers with the study of the complete application from the source to the DCS.

At the beginning of the new millennium Socrate was appointed exclusive distributor of the products by General Monitors, thereby starting a journey in a totally new field, that of fire and gas detection. These products were soon joined by the distribution of MEDC products. After the acquisition of General Monitors by the American group MSA, Socrate was once again confirmed retailer of choice for the oil and gas industry, demonstrating the proven ability to meet market demands. Today in the fire and gas sector, Socrate is able to provide products and complete systems based on the products they distribute.

Today Socrate is aiming directly at the Italian, Croatian, Libyan and Tunisian markets offering products and solutions both in the process analysis and the metering sectors as well as that of fire and gas detection.

Therefore over the years the company has steadily increased both the geographical coverage as well as the range of products offered.

SOCRATE S.p.A. Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 5 – 20090 Rodano (MI) Italia T +39 02 95321142 – F +39 02 95328094
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